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Getting Rid Of Spiders In Your Home: Tips For You

If you have recently noticed that you have a large number of spiders in your home, you may be wondering what you can or should do about the situation. Killing or removing the spiders you see may not be enough to resolve the problem. Learn some tips to help you get rid of the spiders in your home in a way that will last and truly rid your home of spiders. 

Seal Up Cracks and Areas Where Spiders Could Get In

Before you worry about getting rid of the spiders that are inside your home already, you need to prevent more spiders from getting in. If you do not do this, you will always have a spider problem. So, go around your home and find cracks, gaps, and crevices that shouldn't be there. 

Use caulk or other fillers to fill in the cracks and gaps. This will block passages for the spiders. Yes, it will trap the current spiders inside the house, but the following tips will help you to get rid of these creatures. 

Remove Clutter

Clutter can make great hiding spots for spiders. You want to force the spiders in your home out into the open so you can get rid of them successfully. Try to create more open spaces in your home. If you have a lot of clutter, consider going through and doing a decluttering exercise, selling or giving away the items you no longer want or need. 

Basements and attics are areas where a lot of spiders end up because of these clutter issues. So, try to go through these areas thoroughly, both decluttering and cleaning.

Use a Vinegar Spray

If you are not fond of smashing spiders by hand, you are not alone. There is another way to kill spiders if you prefer that to removing them alive. This is a vinegar spray. Use half water and half vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the spiders you see. The vinegar will burn and kill them. 

You can also use the vinegar spray to prevent spiders and repel them. Spray corners and areas where you see spiders the most. You can also spray potential points of entry like windows. This will keep the spiders at bay. Small bowls of this solution in corners can also help with this spider prevention. 

Contact a Pest Control Company

When your spider problem is major or you do not feel comfortable killing or removing spiders on your own, the best solution is to contact a pest control company. They will come into your home, assess the situation, and then spray or otherwise fumigate your home to solve your spider problem. 

Generally, pest control companies will do one big treatment of your house upfront and then recommend monthly or periodic smaller treatments to prevent the problem from resurfacing. This will help to ensure that your home remains as spider-free as possible in the future. 

Knowing these tips to help you get rid of spiders in your home, you can get started ridding your home of spiders immediately.