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Benefits Of Automatic Window Blinds

At one time, window treatments themselves were a new invention. Now they're standard in most households. Well, the technology of window treatments has taken another step — automatic blinds. Also called motorized or electronic blinds, automatic blinds are operated by a motor attached to a switch or your smartphone.

Find out why automatic blinds would be a worthwhile investment for your home.

Suitable for People of Differing Abilities

Standard window blinds operate via a cord you have to pull to open or close the louvers. As Home Advisor points out, these cords can be difficult to operate for people with arthritis, in wheelchairs, or on crutches. With motorized blinds, you only have to flip a switch or navigate your smartphone to operate the blinds. They, therefore, make your home more accessible for all family members.

Safe for Children and Pets

One of the subsets of cat videos is felines getting mixed up in blinds. Well, a cat climbing the louvers might be funny, but the cords themselves can present a danger to both pets and small children. Traditional blinds often feature a looped cord that can present a hazard to both. Automatic blinds, though, are cordless, so you eliminate this danger.

Good for Energy Efficiency

Natural sunlight is a boon in your home until it drives up the cooling bills. Blinds are specifically designed to block direct sunlight. With automatic blinds, you can often apply a program that closes the shades at specific times of day, say when it's sunniest. You can also look into motorized blinds that are powered by solar energy, so you save even the little electricity needed to operate them.

Convenient for Sleeping

Sunlight streaming into your bedroom is a pleasant way to wake up. However, with manual blinds you have to get out of bed to either open or close them. With automatic blinds, you could just operate the switch or app. What's more, you could program the blinds to open at a certain time every morning to slowly let natural light into your room.

Safe for Family Vacations

A closed-off house can be a clear indicator to would-be intruders that the family's not at home — especially if the intruders notice the drapes are continuously shut. Well, you can program your automatic blinds to open and close at different times to simulate the natural activities of a family. You can also organize them with timers on lamps to further give the illusion of being at home.

Reap the many benefits of automatic blinds by having them installed in your home.