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How To Paint An Interior Room In Your Home For The Best Look

When you paint an interior room in your home, the order that you paint the room in is just as important as how you paint the walls if you want to get the best-looking paint job possible.  

Start With the Trim

First, you are going to want to start by painting the trim. When you paint the trim, since you will be painting the walls and ceiling later, you don't have to worry about being perfect. It is okay if the paint gets on the walls or ceiling. You just want to make sure that you paint the trim in a smooth fashion so that it looks nice. Once you paint the trim, you need to allow the paint to dry for at least a day or two before you tape over the trim when you paint the rest of the room. 

Paint the Ceiling Second

Second, you are going to want to paint the ceiling. Be sure to cover up the floors when you paint the ceiling. Painting the ceiling before you paint the walls makes it easier to clean up any drips that may get on the wall. Paint the wall, and once again, allow the paint on the wall to dry. Then, cover up the first foot or two of space on the ceiling so that you don't get any paint on the ceiling when you are painting the walls.  

Finish With the Walls

You want to save the walls for last, as they take up the most space in a room and are what you will focus on when you are in the room. You want the paint job on the walls to look the best. Make sure you prepare the walls before you paint, and use a layer of primer and at least one to two layers of paint. Make sure you buy enough paint at the paint store for both coats.

Save Touch-Ups for Last

Finally, save touch-ups for last. Once everything is dry, go back through and use a small brush for any necessary touch-ups. Hopefully you will not have very many touch-ups to make.  

When you paint a room in your home, you want to be strategic about the order in which you paint the room. Start by painting the trim, then paint the ceiling, and finish with the walls. Once everything is painted, go back with a small brush and do any necessary touch-ups. You can also hire a professional who already knows the right order to paint the interior of your home for you.