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Downsize Your Living Space Now So You Can Save To Buy A Home Later

If you dream of one day owning your own home, then you are likely aware that you may need to make some sacrifices today to save up for your goal. A major way to do this is to cut your housing costs now while you are still renting. If you have a small family of two or three people, then you can do this without giving up comfort by moving into a one bedroom apartment. The following are a few ways to make this work while you save up for your new home.

Forego open plan apartments

While an open plan may make a space seem larger, it won't provide the divisions and privacy you may need when living in a small space. An apartment with dividers between the three main living areas -- kitchen, living, and dining -- will give you more options for using these spaces. For example, a dining area that can be sectioned off with screens can be a child's bedroom or a home office, depending on your needs. This is difficult to achieve if you are in a one bedroom apartment with a combined living and dining area.

Look at the whole neighborhood

One key to living in a small space is to consider the great outdoors as an extension of your home. Apartments that border parks and walking trails give you a reason to get outside instead of being cooped up indoors, which means family members can easily find their own space when necessary. Further, consider the outdoor living options in the apartment complex itself. Those with private balconies, patios, or courtyards will make your space seem bigger while also providing a place to entertain.

Consider the amenities

It can be hard to fit everything you need for a small family into a one bedroom apartment. A complex with plenty of amenities can take the stress off. For example, if there is a clubhouse with a gym or a pool, then you won't need to carve out space to work out in your apartment. If you have kids, look for a complex that has a playground area so you can cut down on the amount of toys you need to keep.

Choose the right furniture

Trying to fit house-size furniture into a smaller apartment will make you uncomfortable. Instead, choose the right types of furniture for the space. For example, get a full or queen bed instead of a king size. If you need to combine spaces, such as an office and sleeping area, then opt for a loft bed with a desk area beneath.

Creativity and the right furniture can make a one bedroom apartment just the right size for your family as you work and save for your first home. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Littletown Realty LLC.