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About Salt Free Water Filtration Systems

If you want to ensure your family has access to great water straight from the tap, then you should think about having a salt free water filtration system installed in your home. The first thing you want to know is a salt free water filtration system is also referred to as a softener. However, this system is actually more of a conditioner or even a descaler. They work by decreasing the limescale. By reading the information given below, you can learn about some of the benefits and other information regarding a salt free system.

Cut down on limescale

As mentioned above, the salt free system will remove much of the calcium form the water and this is what is going to cut down on the limescale caused by the water. If you aren't sure what limescale is, then you'll want to think about the glasses in your cupboards. If you grab one now, will you see hard spots on them? If so, then this is the limescale buildup happening right on your dishes.

Considering how prominent those spots are on your glasses, you can imagine what is going on inside the faucet and inside of your appliances that use water. That limescale will also end up creating a very thick film inside the dishwasher. What is more worrisome is what's going on in the small components because it won't take much of a buildup to cause your appliances to need repairs in those small areas.

Water with calcium will also cause the plumbing pipes to end up with a thick buildup. If you stare to notice that some of your drains aren't allowing the water to go down as quickly as it should, then you may have small clogs caused by food particles or hair, or it may be that so much calcium has built up in the plumbing that the water just isn't flowing down like it should.

Having a salt free system put in can help you to save a lot of money by preventing repairs due to buildup. The system will also leave your dishes looking clear of spots, just how they are supposed to. This water will also feel better on your skin. In fact, you may think the water feels slimy at first after switching to water run through a salt free water filtration system. However, your skin isn't really slimy; this is just how water is supposed to feel when it doesn't have all that calcium in it.