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3 Effective Ways You Can Prevent Water Heater Problems And Repairs

When the water heater stops working correctly, a lot of activities that rely on hot water are interrupted. So that you don't experience these complications and thus expensive repairs regularly, you need to maintain this appliance in the following ways. 

Set Up a Water/Gas Safety Valve 

A lot of times, water heater damage occurs because complications weren't detected in time. You can save yourself from this late detection by installing a water and gas safety valve on your water heater system. Then, when your water heater malfunctions for whatever reason, the system will shut off immediately. 

You can then address complications before turning your water heater system back on. It's important to have these safety valves installed by professionals, though. They'll perform this installation quickly, but most importantly, safely. After the initial setup, water heater contractors will double-check to make sure the water and gas safety valve perform correctly.

Test Tank for Sediment 

There will be times when your water heater tank accumulates sediment. When this happens, parts can start wearing down prematurely, and then you'd be left with repair/replacement costs. You can save yourself this headache by testing the tank regularly for sediment buildup.

For this test, you'll simply need a bucket. Place it directly under the tank release valve. Then, let out some water, and check it for sediment.

If it's heavily present, you'll need to flush the water heater tank completely. This will require you to get a garden hose and hook it up to the release valve. Make sure the other end of the hose is pointed away from your property.

Have Tank Replaced Entirely 

If sediment has already caused severe damage inside your water heater tank, it may be more economical to just trash the old unit and purchase a new one. There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a new water heater.

For example, you need to decide on a tank design. Two of the most popular options are tank and tankless units. Tank units are great because they can hold a lot of water at a time.

Tankless heaters are coveted because of their efficiency and compact design. It's also important to select the right brand of water heater so that you can rest assured it works correctly and holds up for a long time.

Dealing with water heater repairs can cause you a lot of stress, so it's best to prevent them if you can. This will involve regular maintenance and help from water heater repair technicians, who can make sure your systems are running properly.