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Best Items To Garnish Your Dining Table

Dressing a table for a meal adds a certain level of class to the experience. Linens may be what we are used to seeing or experiencing, however, you can switch things up to add a little flair and a range of looks by using different materials for the dining room table.


Sometimes having nothing on a wooden table can add character, warmth, and charm to a meal experience. So if you have a dining table made of rich wood, you may want to try the experience of setting dinner on the bare wooden table.

This is a great option for tables with character creatively or from the wood grain that they are made of.


A departure from covering the whole table is becoming more endearing. This is because it exposes the beauty and charm of the wood in conjunction with other materials that you might choose to use.

A runner is a strip of fabric that 'runs' across the table to serve as an eye-catching centerpiece.

You can have placemats or serving mats on which serving dishes are placed. They can be made of the same fabric and pattern as the runner for matching purposes. The placemats can be made of harder material like wood or beads or even plastic.

Placemats can be done in an array of colors to suit every mood and break the monotony of themes to suit different occasions during the family meal times. They can also be an avenue of cultural or artistic expression depending on what they are made from. The contrast between the wood and the partial fabric provides a flirty sort of unique feel.


Even though you might be skipping on the linen to provide a different feel and experience, be sure to include napkins. Whether semi-formal or casual dining, napkins are not only practical but they inject an air of sophistication and elegance even for a casual meal which makes for an interesting experience.

Include Accessories On the Dining Table


A glossy or rugged vase at the center of the dining table adds an artistic flair. It is a versatile accessory that can have fresh flowers to suit the occasion or can be without flowers but ooze character and it would not lose its allure.


Candles are such great mood setters and have a way of infusing a cozy, calm, peaceful and serene environment within a space. They also make the dinner a more intimate experience, whether dining with the entire family or just the two of you. A unique design of a candle stand adds to the magic. This could be as simple as a transparent candle bowl with a colored candle for contrast.


Elegant glassware can be a really classy table decoration, with or without linens underneath. Try a set of Simon Pearce glassware to act as a visual focal point on your table. It makes sense to splurge on at least one part of your table settings so that people get the impression that they are eating in style.  

Innovation and creative ideas can change your mealtimes from just feeding time to a family dining experience. Try a linenless table and see the difference it can make to your meal.