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How To Create A Great Family Room

Are you decorating a family room in a new home? Perhaps you have just decided to redo your present family room. Either way, from the furniture to selecting a cast stone fireplace mantel, here are some ideas that might help you to design something special for you to enjoy with your friends and family:

The Furniture - Remember that this room will probably get a lot of use.

  • Consider getting leather furniture. Leather wears well and will last for many years.
  • Another idea for your family room furniture is to select denim for the upholstery. Red denim would add a bit of pizzazz to the room.
  • If you have space, think about buying recliners with snack holders as part of the design. The chairs would be perfect for TV and movie watching.
  • Think of buying a leather ottoman that is tough enough for people to put their feet on. End tables with drawers in them would be practical. You could keep things like the remote control and playing cards in the drawers.
  • If you have space, a set of attractive shelves would be great in a family room. They would be the perfect place to keep things like puzzles and board games along with books, magazines and decorative pieces like framed pictures and potted plants.

The Decor - Choose unique pieces that will add character to your family room:

  • Start with a cast stone fireplace mantel. Have you seen this type of mantel before? They're gorgeous!
  • If you want to add a bit of elegance to your family room, choose a stone fireplace mantel of a light color and with an intricate design. For a less formal look, consider selecting a dark stone, and choose something more simple. A rope design would be great for a family room.
  • Decorating the mantel will add to the personality of your family room. For example, consider displaying a collection of things like candlesticks or clocks of different designs on the mantel.
  • Decorate with things your family will use for recreation. For example, if your family enjoys playing chess, display a handsome chess board on the coffee table.
  • Another idea for decor that will add to the fun of your family room is to buy an old juke box that will actually play records. 

Don't forget the extras that add interest to your family room. For example, if your family loves movies, display posters of classic movies on the walls. Contact a cast stone fireplace mantel distributor for more information and assistance.