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4 Fun Ideas For A Container Garden

Container gardening is an attractive way to decorate your patio or deck. You can even create a connection between you outdoor living area and your landscaping. Naturally, the foundation of your container garden is a selection of outdoor planters. You can buy these outdoor planters online. Blend these with specially-chosen plants and even other accent items, and you have a unique container garden that beautifies your outdoor space.

Profusion of Flowers

Container gardens often showcase a multitude of flowers. This idea is appropriate if you're dotting your deck with containers rather than grouping them together. Start with simple containers — you want the flowers to be the centerpiece. For the flowers, Better Homes and Gardens suggests choosing small blooms complemented with attractive foliage textures. Different varieties of geranium are a good starting point. The site suggests filling spaces in with plants such as dusty miller, licorice plant, African daisy, and patens. Arrange the flowers so they create a profuse effect, including spilling over the side.

Succulent Garden

If you have a southwest or Mission-inspired patio, a succulent garden is a charming accent. Start with a characteristic style of planter, such as adobe or hand-painted. From there, choose succulents that create a visually interesting tableau. Start with a showy plant, such as sedum or kangaroo paw. Add a succulent that spills over the edge, such as prolific echeveria, burro's tail, or string of beads. Fill in any spaces with pretty succulents that showcase both color and texture. Such a container garden is appropriate if you have a sunny, dry site.

Autumn Garden

Many container gardens show off best in spring and summer. However, you can design a garden that looks beautiful in fall. Any containers that match your décor work well for this garden design. Next, choose a selection of plants that show off color without needing blooms, which typically start dying in the fall. Good options include tequila sunrise mirror plant, stoplight heucherella, and any variety of ornamental cabbage or kale. Just make sure you choose plants that have the same sun and water requirements. Arrange the plants to showcase different spots of color throughout.

Team Colors Garden

If you're a big sports fan, you may be looking for even more ways to display your team pride. Bring it out in your container garden. Start with planters in one of your team's foundational colors. Look around for flowers and foliage that showcase all of your team colors. While the plants must have similar sun and water requirements, you also have to be strict in your adherence to colors.

Get creative as you decorate your deck or patio with a fun container garden.