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Four Ways To Bring Hygge To Your Yard

If you are looking for ways to bring a little bit more happiness into your life, you may want to consider adding hygge to your landscaping. This Danish concept, which loosely translates to creating a sense of coziness, is more than a word; it is a way of life that embraces relaxation, socialization, and comfort. It is about creating a space that brings you inner peace. Here are a few ways that hygge can be implemented into your landscaping.

Figure Out What Makes You Happy

One of the most important concepts of hygge is doing what makes you happy. This means producing results that are visually pleasing to the eye while tantalizing your other senses. This may include planting colorful flowers that produce an aromatic scent, creating cozy corner seating around a fire-pit, and more. Unlike landscaping arrangements of the past that produced straight uniformed paths, hygge arrangements are more about winding paths that allow you to wonder what is around the next bend, or corner. 

Quit Trying To Keep Up With The Jones

​Have you ever dug a pond, installed outdoor lighting, or purchased new patio furniture because everyone else was doing it? Although the outcomes of your efforts looked good, did you really enjoy the end result? To bring hygge to your yard, look around and consider where you spend the most time, and which pieces in your yard make you smile, use these pieces to center your landscaping around.

Create Spaces That Will Allow You To Spend More Time With Friends And Family

Consider incorporating outdoor kitchens or indoor/outdoor spaces into your landscaping that will allow you to interact with your guest when you choose to entertain. Create spaces where you will be comfortable allowing your them to help when they offer, and where you would be willing to serve a wide range of meals. 

Set The Mood

Incorporate various forms of soft lighting throughout your landscaping. These may be twinkling fairy-lights strung from your trees or shrubs, or solar walkway lights along the edges of your paths, but avoid placing them in a straight line. Consider spotlighting specimen trees or other landscape focal points by up-lighting. This will provide you with the soft effect you are looking for while accentuating the texture of your tree trunks and foliage. 

If you have an idea of what you want, but don't quite know how to create it, call a landscaping service. Many times they will employ a landscape designer that may be able to help you create the hygge you are looking for.