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Ideal Spots In Your Home To Have A Fireplace Installed

Whether you're having a custom home built or you're planning a major renovation of your existing home, adding a fireplace might be on your list of priorities. Many homes feature a fireplace in the living room, which allows family members to gather around this cozy focal point during family get-togethers. The living room, however, is far from the only spot in your home that is suitable for a fireplace. There are many other locations that are suitable for this fixture, and while you'll need to work with your custom builder or remodeling contractor to ensure that the location you select is appropriate based on your specific home's design, here are some spots that are generally ideal.

Master Bedroom

You likely want your master bedroom to be one of the coziest, most comfortable spaces in your entire home. One way to augment this feeling within the master bedroom is by installing a fireplace. A fireplace in this room blends comfort and style. If you or your spouse is customarily cold in the morning or evening, the warmth emanating from the fireplace will provide coziness and comfort. Additionally, the glow of the fire can be visually appealing. A romantic evening n the bedroom alone with your spouse will look even better with a fire flickering.


Whether or not you spend considerable time in the basement of your home, this is a logical spot for a fireplace. The basement is commonly the coolest spot in your home — in some houses, family members may be reluctant to spend too much time in the basement during the winter months. The addition of a fireplace will make the space more pleasant and, in a sense, increase your living space throughout the home. Additionally, because heat rises, the heat that emanates from the fireplace will travel up the basement stairs and help to heat the overall house.


You might not immediately think about having a fireplace installed in your garage, but doing so can often be a good idea. If you frequently work in the garage — perhaps on a car — during the winter months, a fireplace will keep the space toasty. Additionally, the mess of stacking firewood won't be a problem in an area that doesn't need to be kept as clean as the interior of your home. Some people have livable space in their garage, perhaps with a couch and TV or a hobby table, and a fireplace makes this area more comfortable throughout the winter.